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Abivia's Content Pattern plugin (ACP) is a simple template system that lets you achieve results similar to content construction kits. ACP lets you define variables that get applied to a "content pattern". It is a simple plugin that uses existing content tables and needs no core hacks.

ACP is available for free download.

ACP Stability and Releases

ACP is currently in active development. The ACP core is stable; we have been using it on production web sites since mid 2009. The ACP 1.9 development series has been in use on production sites since late 2011 and has now been released as version 2.0. Please note: there are some incompatible changes between ACP 1.0 and ACP 2.0.

A Quick Introduction

ACP is intended to make it simpler to maintain a Joomla site. It's designed to address two common problems:

  1. Articles have specialized formatting requirements that get corrupted by Javascript editors.
  2. Multiple articles that are created by copying an original template, creating duplicated content.

The first problem makes it nearly impossible for a site developer to hand over content management to an end user. One careless edit and the article fails to display correctly. This is both frustrating for the user and it defeats the purpose of using a content management system.

The second problem makes it more difficult to maintain a site. Everything is fine as long as the template doesn't change, but if it does, there are multiple copies that need to be updated manually.

ACP Documentation and Support

There is now a free user manual for ACP. The manual covers almost all of ACP's features and provides a number of examples. Feedback and support for ACP is available in this forum.

Abivia will be at Joomla World Conference 2012 presenting a session on ACP: How we use the Abivia Content Pattern Plugin in Website Development. Come and see us if you're at the conference! A video of the session should be available soon after the conference, and we'll be posting the presentation as well.