Abivia is a recognized leader in the development of Joomla-based web sites. Not only do we build great sites with Joomla, we offer some of the most popular extensions for Joomla, many of them for free. We also make an ongoing contribution to both the project and to local user groups, including hosting the Joomla User Group Toronto.

Joomla Web Site Development

Our focus is on web sites for small and medium sized businesses. Unlike many "fire and forget" web developers, we look forward to forming a long term working relationship with our clients.

  • All of our sites are built to be search engine friendly.
  • We work hard to develop content that is easy for visitors to understand and search engine optimized (SEO) so your pages are indexed on the keywords that are important to your business.
  • Our managed application hosting plans ensure that your Joomla installation is secure, well maintained, and up to date.
  • We handle minor updates to your site, so you can keep it current while focusing on your customers.
  • We are a full service provider offering online marketing, social media management, mailing list management, surveys, and more.
  • Our customer service rocks!

Joomla Extension Development

One of the major advantages of an open source content management system like Joomla is the vast selection of extensions that are available. At the same time one of the challenges is that extension quality and developer support is unpredictable. We don't deal well with poor quality, limited functionality, or bad support: the first extensions we built were direct replacements of extensions we had problems with.

Some of our extensions solve specific problems we had when implementing a customer site. One of the major benefits of working in open source is this freedom. If the available functionality doesn't support a requirement, it can be extended. Many of our extensions are small changes that make a specific task easier. We feel we've gotten so much from the Joomla project that we give these enhancements back to the community.

Since them our suite of extensions has grown to the point where we offer some of the most popular extensions available, and we're constantly adding new ideas.

Joomla Support

Joomla is a large, active project. There are frequent releases that fix bugs, make minor improvements, and enhance security. It's critical that a production Joomla site is kept up to date with the latest maintenance releases. Too many web site developers lose interest in a site once the initial development is complete. Their customers are left with sites that are potentially vulnerable to hackers, and faced with technical requirements that they know little or nothing about. The results are often not good for anyone. Abivia doesn't abandon its clients in this way unless a customer explicitly wants to take on the responsibility for site maintenance. We see our job as not only building your site, but making sure it keeps running.