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Forum Notice

All forum posts are moderated. Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it. Please refrain from posting the same question over and over because you don't see it the first time.

A special note for spammers: when we say all, we mean ALL. Every single message is manually reviewed. So don't pretend you have a support issue then try to spam after we've replied. You're wasting your time.

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The purpose of these forums is to foster discussion in the user community and to offer support for Abivia products.

Forums are normally under constant attack. These attacks come both from spam bots and from people who can be overzealous, misinformed, or just plain unethical. Unfortunately, it can take a lot of effort to keep these attacks from taking up a lot of resources or ruining the experience for others. Our objective here is to try to eliminate these attacks as soon as possible.

  • Posts that we deem to be spam, abusive, offensive or otherwise incompatible with the purpose of the forum -- at our sole discretion -- will be removed and the user will be banned.
  • Posts that are questionable may be deleted without notice.
  • Posts that solely promote non-Abivia products or services will be deleted.
  • Posts that discuss alternative products or products that compete with ours are welcome, as long as they focus on factual information and are not overtly promotional in nature.


We aim to make the forums a reasonable, productive, and informative resource. We hope that users will both appreciate this and help make a positive contribution.

Thanks for your understanding.

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