Abivia doesn't promote "Unlimited" hosting packages because we think they're misleading.

Here's why:

  • Unlimited plans are impossible. Your site is hosted on a server. It's got a limited amount of disk space. The network interfaces it uses can only push through so much data per second. The CPUs can only do so much processing per second. These are physical limitations that no "unlimited" plan can get around.
  • With a shared hosting plan, there are multiple sites hosted on each server, so your site's portion of server capacity is a fraction of its physical limitations.


When a host offers an "unlimited" package, they're really just not disclosing how small your site's portion of server resources is. Some hosts will overload a server with "unlimited" sites, so what the customer actually gets is a lot less than they expect. These plans also include standard clauses restricting your site from using a disproportionate amount of server resources. do a web search and you'll find hundreds of complaints about sites that have had their "unlimited" plans suspended for using too many resources.

Our plans don't try to compete with this misleading marketing. We don't sell plans that don't make sense. We won't put 600+ "unlimited" sites on a single server. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you can be sure that the server is capable of delivering what you're paying for.