Abivia has released version 1.4.0 of SuperTable, and almost immediately followed it with 1.5.0. This update affects all editions. This release fixes some bugs and improves the visual appearance of all preset styles.

Version 1.4.0 introduced new functionality for the Plus and Pro editions, allowing the text and subtext in a cell to be different. It also fixed a significant bug for one-column tables in the Plus and Pro editions, and improved diagnostics. We increased the version number to 1.4 to reflect the new commands.

When releasing 1.4.0 we decided to push the bug fix ahead of a minor CSS fix provided by one of our users. While testing, we discovered some more issues. We were also reminded that some of our styles needed a little more design work. So, we cleaned up the design, getting rid of some poor colour choices. In the process we removed a redundant class from the output HTML. This change resulted in the version going to 1.5.0.

More information is available in the release notes on the product page and in the manual.