Abivia has released version 1.5.0 of it's popular Multi-Twitter module. This long-awaited update supports Joomla 2.5. The Joomla 2.5 version no longer requires the JTML plugin.

Details are available in the release notes on the product page.

The Joomla Extensions Directory listing for Multi-Twitter is currently suspended for two reasons.

First, the suspended description invited readers to submit a positive review if they liked the extension. This deeply serious transgression that obviously has had a severe negative impact on the experience of all visitors to the JED has been corrected. We are abjectly, deeply sorry and entirely humiliated for completely destroying the value of the directory for millions of distraught users. Instead we have moved the invitation into the module description. Under the same logic, this will ruin any site where this extension is installed and render it useless. Since it's now well established that we're evil and antisocial, this is a risk we've decided to take.

"License reference in description not GPL". Another reason for suspension appears to be that we had a clause in the description that said the description itself was exclusively licensed to the JED (instead of GPL, which would be in conflict with the JED's own license terms, but hey, consistency is overrated). We did this because we discovered various sites that "scraped" our descriptions from the JED and placed them on unauthorized sites, thereby depriving the Joomla project of traffic and advertising revenue. This clause, frequently copied verbatim into the offending site, allowed us to file copyright notices and take the content down. Far be it for us to question the logic of a JED editor objecting to this. We have brought our description into compliance with a non-rule that we didn't violate because arguing the case seems like an utter waste of time. Insert an appropriate quote from Winston Churchill here.

So. Having duly corrected these malicious and borderline criminal offences, we expect our listing to be restored within a reasonable period of time. Provided of course that this note doesn't spark an emotional response in some two bit tyrant with limited reading comprehension at the JED. If that happens, it's going to get complicated, and we're likely to move from irked to irritated. This too, is a risk we're prepared to take.