Abivia announces the release of Abivia User Killer for Joomla version 1.1.0. User Killer automatically removes unwanted "phantom registrations" from a Joomla site.

Version 1.1.0 adds an incremental kill mode, designed to reduce load when the plugin is installed on a system with a large number of phantom users.

Please see the product page for User Killer for more details.

SocBook Product shotVersion 1.1 of our popular Social Bookmarking plugin is now available.

This update is full of minor changes that make it even more flexible and powerful!

  • Now supports the LinkedIn widget.
  • Place bookmarks anywhere in your content with the {socbook} tag.
  • Trigger on any component that fires the content events.
  • Enter CSS to customize appearance without modifying your template.

Complete details are available on the SocBook product page, or you can just download it.

Just in time for the new year, Abivia releases AutoCopy, the last module you'll ever need to manage your site's copyright notice. Designed to integrate with other footer text, it's smart enough that you can set it up now and not worry about having to fix your site in the new year. Better yet, you won't notice sometime in September that your copyright hasn't been updated. Learn more about AutoCopy.
Abivia has just released a new "User Killer" extension for Joomla! Designed to automatically remove robot user registrations, it has options to remove users who register but don't activate, and users who activate but don't log in within a set period of time. Full details are available on the product page.

product box shotVersion 1.3.0 has new features:

  • A time limit on the age of Tweets can be set.
  • Specific users can be filtered from the stream.
  • A but that sometimes duplicated Tweets has been fixed..

Download Multi-Twitter here.

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