altAbivia has released version 1.6.4 of it's popular Multi-Twitter module. This update fixes problems with the new Twitter profile pages and fixes a bug on Joomla 3 sites..

Details are available in the release notes on the product page.

SuperTable 2.0: more responsive, more features, more data sources!

SuperTable screen shotAbivia is happy to announce the release of SuperTable 2.0. This major update to SuperTable offers lots of new features designed to make it easier to get great looking tables. Here are the major new improvements:

  • Automatic row height calculation (all editions) SuperTable now will adjust row heights to fit the largest cell in that row.
  • More responsive Let's face it; large data tables and mobile devices are a poor fit. We've made some changes to SuperTable to make the way tables render on mobile much better.
  • Native JavaScript SuperTable for Joomla 3.2 uses jQuery, SuparTable for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 continue to use mootools.
  • Right-to-Left mode By adding the "rtl" verb ti a table, SuperTable reverses all column numbering for smoother operation with RTL languages.
  • Easier column width adjustment The new cell-level width command makes it easier to adjust column widths.
  • Header rows and columns anywhere New commands let you designate any row or column to be styled as a header.
  • More flexibility in cell contents A new cell filter command gives you more control over the contents of a cell.
  • New data sources (Pro edition) SuperTable Pro now lets you extract data form CSV, JSON, and XML files, from local and remote servers.
  • Improved documentation The SuperTable Reference Manuals are undergoing a facelift, starting with significant improvements to the examples. This is an ongoing process and we expect more accessible resources to be added over time.
  • Uses Joomla Updater The Free edition will update directly from the Joomla administrator. The Plus and Pro editions will present update notifications.

For more information check out the product pages for each edition: free, plus, and pro!

Abivia has released version 1.6.1 of it's popular Multi-Twitter module. This update fixes a bug where a function that is missing from some PHP configurations was being called, causing an error.

Details are available in the release notes on the product page.

Abivia has released version 1.6.0 of it's popular Multi-Twitter module. This update tracks a change in Twitter that was causing no results to appear on timeline fetch.

Details are available in the release notes on the product page.

Extreme Vault Door III by Marcel Oosterwijk (Flickr)Abivia has implemented significant new security measures on all shared Canadian hosting plans. These features are in place for both managed and unmanaged plans. These measures include:

  • An improved firewall. Firewall improvements will defend against a wider range of port scans, brute force, and denial of service attacks.
  • HTTP attack filters. Improved filters block a range of known attacks earlier in the processing of web requests.
  • Real time exploit detection. New files are scanned for possible issues at the time they are created. Files with known malware are immediately quarantined; suspicious files generate a security alert.
  • Daily security scans. Files are scanned on a daily basis for suspicious code and malware.

This is a significant improvement in the robustness and reliability of our hosting plans. The real-time exploit detection will be of major benefit to web applications such as Joomla, Wordpress, and others. When a hacker attempts to exploit a vulnerability, either in the application itself or in an extension/plugin, servers will immediately quarantine known exploits and prevent them from functioning. Activity logs will help us identify the attack vector and we will work with developers to close the vulnerability.

Customer Impact

We expect these improvements will dramatically reduce the occurrence of hacked web sites for all shared hosting accounts. Servers will also respond better in the face of brute force and denial of service attacks.

Specific benefits by account type:

  • Dedicated and VPS accounts: No changes have been made to dedicated and VPS accounts. Implementation will be performed on a server by server basis to ensure that no disruption occurs.
  • Managed hosting plans: customers should see no change, as support will handle any reports of potential attack.
  • Reseller accounts: All reports for your sub-accounts will be sent directly to you.
  • Unmanaged accounts will receive individual reports whenever a potential issue is detected.

As with all new security measures, these systems may cause some applications to experience difficulties. We will work with all customers who experience issues to ensure that their applications function normally.

Photo credit: Marcel Oosterwijk Licensed CC-SA.

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