The listing for our latest Joomla plugin for social bookmarking has been approved in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). While this isn't an endorsement of the extension, it does indicate that it meets Joomla licensing and compatibility requirements.

Maintaining the directory is a much larger job than it appears on the surface, with the added pressure of extension developers who want to see their submissions processed instantaneously. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the JED team for their outstanding efforts.

Version 1.0.4 of Abivia's popular redaction plugin for Joomla is now available. This is a bug fix release that corrects an infinite loop that could occur when a target string was found in a comment.

See the full plugin description for more information.

Joomla 1.5.10 [Wohmamni] is out. This is a security release and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately.

Less than 12 hours after it's release, all customers on Abivia application support plans have been upgraded to the latest version. Security exploits are likely to emerge quite quickly. Customers without support plans are advised to upgrade their installations as soon as possible.

All 1.5.10 release packages can be found on the Joomlacode site.

Abivia's announces the release of plg_redact, a simple extension that lets you remove unwanted output from your pages.

Does your favourite extension insist on putting a back link in it's output? Our redaction plugin is exactly what you need. Now you can eliminate unwanted output without hacking the offending extension.

See the full description for a download link.

We have just uploaded the Alpha 3 release of the JTML plugin for Joomla 1.5. It's available for free download at

This version is much more robust than previous releases. It features a new reference parser and the release is backed by a set of unit tests to ensure quality. It's still alpha grade code though, so use at your own risk and PLEASE report bugs.

For a description of JTML, please read the white paper.

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