The Box Trapper service is managed through a web interface. This article covers the most important Box Trapper functions.

Connecting to Box Trapper

  • Use your browser to get to http://yourdomain:2095.
  • Your browser may prompt you for a user name and password. Enter your regular mail address and password and click OK.
  • If a previous session has timed out, you may see a second login screen. Enter your regular mail address and password and click Login.
  • You should see a Box Trapper icon across the bottom of your screen. Click on it.
  • You should now see the Box Trapper configuration screen.

Enabling / Disabling Box Trapper

Near the top of the configuration screen, you will see the current status, which is enabled or disabled, followed by a toggle button to change the setting. If Box Trapper is not enabled, all other settings are ignored. Nothing will happen.

Managing the Queue

The disadvantage to Box Trapper is that some automated messages that you want to receive get stuck waiting for a verification message. Since this mail is generated automatically, the verification message goes nowhere. A common example of this occurs when you sign up for a new site that requires you to verify your mail address.

Fortunately there is an easy way to view trapped messages and to white list the ones you want to receive. If you are just starting to use Box Trapper on an established mail account, it is a good idea to check the queue regularly to find mail that you want to receive.

Follow these steps to review the queue:

  • Start at the Box Trapper configuration page.
  • Move to the heading "Review Queue" and click on it.
  • You will see messages that have been trapped for the current day. There are date links that let you move forward and back a day.

Some messages are obviously ones you want to receive. There is an easy way to pass them through:

  • Click the check box on for each message you want.
  • Click on the "Whitelist & deliver" option button.
  • Click on submit. These messages will be passed to your in box and the senders will be white listed so all future mail will pass.

Spammers try hard to make their messages look legitimate. If you are not sure if a message is one you want:

  • Click on any part of the message (From, Subject, or Time).
  • You will see several options and the raw text of the message and its headers.
  • There are several ways to help determine if the message is spam (if you don't want to deal with the raw text, skip to the step after this one):
    • Scroll down to check if the body of the text is readable (not HTML).
    • If the from address looks wrong, such as the text name not matching the address... From: "Erma Doolittle" then the message is likely spam.
    • Look for the lines starting with X-Spam. These are spam rankings from the Spam Assassin filter. Although they are sometimes forged, anything ranking higher than 5 is suspicious, and anything ranked 7.5 or higher is probably spam.
    • If it's not clear
  • Select an option. The most common options are:
    • "Whitelist and deliver all messages from this sender." (default). Use this when the message is legitimate.
    • "Deliver this message." If you're not sure about the message, this option allows it into your in box for review, but does not add the sender to your white list.
    • "Delete this message from the queue." Most spammers won't use the same address twice, so this is usually the best way to kill the spam.
    • "Delete this message and add sender to ignore list." If you can't get off a mailing list you've subscribed to, or if someone spams you repeatedly, use this option. All subsequent mail from this address will be deleted silently.
  • Click "Go".

Managing Your White List

Some times you may want to edit your white list manually. To do this:

  • Start at the Box Trapper configuration page.
  • Move to the heading "Edit White/Black/Ignore Lists" and click on it.
  • Click on "Edit White List"
  • You will see a text box with your current white list settings.
  • To add a new address, create a new line and type the word "from", a space, and the new address, following the rules below.
  • Box Trapper uses "regular expressions". This gives Box Trapper a lot of power but at the cost of some complexity. In the most simple case, this just means adding a backslash (the \ character) before every period or at sign (@) in the address.If you want to white list the address " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ", the line in the white list file will read "from joe\.smith\@example\.com".
  • Make sure there is a line ending at the last entry of the file: you should be able to move your cursor to the line below the last entry.