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Abivia's Redaction Utility is a simple yet powerful plugin that lets you remove unwanted output from your pages. The plugin requires PHP 5.2 to run.


Some extensions actively block the redaction plugin. They won't run if this plugin is installed.


See examples for specific extensions. Also check for tips on our support forum.

Does your favourite extension insist on putting a back link in it's output? Our redaction plugin is exactly what you need. Now you can eliminate unwanted code without hacking the offending extension.

The Redact plugin is designed to remove unwanted signatures that other extensions or templates display in their output. The GPL explicitly allows you to modify code, despite many extensions that attempt to apply additional restrictions above and beyond the GPL. While is it possible to modify the code to remove these signatures, this customization complicates the process of applying updates from the extension developer. Abivia's plg_redact lets you remove these unwanted notices without changing the code.

Here's how it works: say you have an extension that insists on putting a back link to the developer's site in its output. For example, an extension might generate this code:

All you have to do is install Abivia's plg_redact, then set up a rule like this:

div a,/nqcogpl\.com/i

Then plg_redact finds all occurrences of "" that are enclosed by "div" and "a" tags, and removes them. It's that simple. The plugin also recognizes class and ID tags using a CSS-like syntax, so if you only want to eliminate the link in divs with class "credits", you can write:

div.credits a,/nqcogpl\.com/i

and links not enclosed by a div with the class "credits" will be untouched. The extension also recognizes "*", "?", and "+" as wild card elements, so this:

*.credits a,/nqcogpl\.com/i 

Will remove any element with class="credits" that contains the link you want to remove.

Release Notes

New for Version 1.1.2

  • Bug fix release that only affects the 1.6 version.

New for Version 1.1.1

  • Just a little internal reorganization while making the Joomla 1.6 version.

New for Version 1.1.0


  • Tags with numbers (e.g. h1) were not being parsed.
  • Element id attributes with underscores were not being recognized.

Feature enhancements:

  • Added text replacement capability. Regex can now be /search/replacement/flags e.g. /wordpress/some other product/i will replace all occurrences of "wordpress" with "some other product", independent of case.
  • Added front end only and back end only rules. Current rules become front-end only (1.0 never ran in the back end). USE WITH CAUTION: A bad rule can make the site unusable. The only way to correct for this is to manually edit the plugin parameters in the database!

Sample rules

Sample Rules

Extension Rule for plg_redact
AlphaContent div span a,/alphaplug\.com/
Eventlist p a,/schlu\.net/
Agora Forum
p span a,/jvitals\.com/
Phoca gallery div a,/phoca\.cz/ (also see this forum post)
Remository div a,/remository\.com/
SOBI2 Signature can be disabled in the extension. Consider making a donation to help support this great extension.
Virtuemart div a,/virtuemart\.net/i