Every site owner wants to be at the top of the major search engine results. There are literally hundreds of companies out there who claim that they can get your site ranked at the top of the first page. While this may still be true on occasion, this “top placement” frequently lasts about as long as it takes for you to pay them. Some less ethical “search optimization” companies may even employ techniques that cause search engines to permanently remove your site from their systems shortly after you achieve a high rank.

Here are some hard facts about Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Artificial search rank inflation is becoming increasingly difficult. At first this may seem to be bad for someone who is launching a new site, but it is good over the long term because search engines reward sites with quality content.
  • The major search engines are dedicated to providing search results that meet the needs of their users, not the needs of site owners.
  • The best way to achieve good search results is to provide quality, relevant content and to present it in a way that is friendly to both users and the search engine's web crawlers.

This is easy to say, but difficult to do. Abivia won't promise that your site gets ranked at the top of every search keyword you pick. We won't even promise that you will get on the first page. We will, however work to ensure that you get the best possible search engine placement for your content. We can also work with you to revise your content to make it more relevant for search, while still readable for visitors to your site.

Optimization strategies evolve continuously as search engines evolve. There is an ongoing contest between those who want to inflate a site's search performance and search algorithms that aim to deliver quality results. This battle means that your site needs to be continuously monitored to make sure that it is both using the latest optimization methods and not being penalized for “trying too hard”.

Abivia will regularly review your site's ranking in the major engines for any set of keywords, analyze sites with higher rankings, and suggest improvements to your site. Please contact us for more information.