A high quality and receptive mailing list is one of the greatest assets for any online business. Unfortunately, due to a long history of abuse by spammers, criminals, and overzealous businesses, it is also one of the most difficult assets to develop. A good opt-in mailing list can only be built by providing ongoing value to your subscribers, and by respecting their needs and desires.

Mail abuse has also made it increasingly difficult to make sure that your message gets delivered:

  • Most hosting companies (including Abivia) impose strict restrictions on the use of mass mailing technology.
  • Most users are protected by a battery of tools designed to eliminate unwanted mail. These tools can accidentally remove your legitimate message without any warning.
  • Even when a message does get through, it is frequently competing with dozens of other messages for the user's attention. The subject and body of your message are critically important.

In some cases it is possible to accelerate the process of building a mailing list by working with rented lists and other sites who have their own list. However, this course should be taken with extreme caution, and should only be pursued when your business has a good conceptual or otherwise complementary fit with the source list. The source list must also meet the absolute highest standards of integrity.

We Can Help

Abivia can help you navigate the challenges of e-mail marketing with:

  • Mailing list sign up and opt out tools for your web site.
  • Development of incentive programs to encourage subscriptions.
  • Development of an overall mailing strategy, including frequency, audience, positioning, incentives, and success criteria.
  • Copy writing for mail content.
  • Testing for "deliverability" and spam scores.
  • Mail servers designed for high message volumes.
  • Message tracking and statistics.
  • Referral (message pass-along) tracking.
For more information on how we can help with your e-mail marketing programs, please contact us.