All decent hosting companies have a protocol for updating their core systems software as critical fixes and security patches become available (caution: many don't meet this basic standard, so choose carefully).

However your hosting company has no knowledge of the applications you have installed on your site after you opened the account. Without exception, every web-facing application is at risk of having a security vulnerability. In addition, applications issue bug fix and upgrade releases on a regular basis.

When a security issue is made public, it can be used against your site very quickly, sometimes within hours. Your site is vulnerable from the time an exploit becomes available until the issue is fixed with an update.

The primary response to this threat is to maintain regular backups. The best preventative response is to ensure that your applications are kept up to date. However, software maintenance can be difficult, particularly for someone without a high level of technical skills.

For a low monthly fee, Abivia's software update services are designed to let site owners relax, knowing that they are receiving timely updates of their applications. While it is impossible to guarantee that all updates will be applied before a site is compromised, a proactive update program will significantly reduce the risk of defacement or outage, and the disruption of restoring from backup.