Abivia's site reporting services help ensure that your web site is doing the job it was designed for. Reporting can be extremely simple – such as just tracking the number of visitors to your site each day – or it can be highly sophisticated, tracking:

  • How visitors got to your site, and whether or not this is their first visit.
  • Where visitors are physically located when they use your site.
  • How visitors navigate through your site from the first page to the last.
  • Which paths visitors take to reach key pages such as e-commerce purchases or newsletter sign-ups.
  • How effective your advertising and marketing campaigns are at bringing visitors to your site.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) from your advertising and marketing programs.

Many other reports are available for more sophisticated analysis.

Keeping It Simple

The large amount of detailed information that is available from statistical and reporting systems is as much of a problem as it is a benefit. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of data sources and reports that are available.

This confusion often leads to using the wrong information to measure the performance of a site. Use of incorrect information can lead to poor decisions that waste money and may even cost you business.

Abivia can help. We start by understanding what your site's business objectives are. We use this understanding to tailor the data capture process to make sure you are getting the data you need. We can also help to make sure that your other marketing programs provide useful information that let them be measured accurately.

Then we develop simple reports that let you measure your site performance against your business objectives. Instead of pages and pages of “pretty but meaningless” graphs and tables, we'll provide you with a few pages that tell you what is important.

Simple, but not “Too Simple”

Sometimes simple questions have complicated answers. Even though we'll distill your site's key performance data down to the point where it's both accurate and understandable, there are going to be times when the simpler reports inspire deeper questions. No problem. We love finding answers. All the detailed information is still available to let us “drill down” and look at what is happening in highly specific situations.

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