Joomla 1.5

Abivia's SocBook plugin Simplifies adding social bookmarking to your site.

Version 1.1.1 update: Language will now default to the Joomla language setting when left blank. Useful for multi-lingual installations.

Version 1.1 offers support for AddThis social bookmarking (API version 1.5), LinkedIn support, and the ability to drop buttons in for other sites. The plugin is completely flexible so the bookmark widgets appear where, when, and how you want them.

This version also introduces inline tagging and CSS parameters to simplify fine tuning the visual appearance.

Abivia's SocBook plugin is available for free download.

Unlike similar plugins available from others, our product does not insert hidden back-links! You can use this safely without putting your search rankings at risk.

Abivia SocBook has powerful, yet simple configuration options.

General Configuration

General Parameters

View Selection

These three options control whether or not widgets appear on the front page, in section views, and in category views. Widgets always appear in article views.

When you have multiple articles on one page, SocBook will generate bookmarks that link back to the individual article. If the user can't see the full article, then the widgets won't be shown.

Section ID Filter

The section filter lets you include or exclude specific sections. To include only selected sections, enter one or more section IDs, separated by commas (example: 1,3,10,7). To exclude sections, start with a minus sign (example: -2,4,6,12). Leave blank to include all sections.

Category ID Filter

The category filter lets you include or exclude specific categories. To include only selected categories, enter one or more category IDs, separated by commas (example: 11,32,40,7). To exclude categories, start with a minus sign (example: -12,24,37,42). Leave blank to include all categories.

Article ID Filter

The article filter lets you include or exclude specific articles. To include only selected articles, enter one or more article IDs, separated by commas (example: 15,28,42,7). To exclude articles, start with a minus sign (example: -16,28,37,52). Leave blank to include all articles.

Combining Filters

If you create more than one filter, the widgets will ony be displayed when all filters are satisfied.

Component Triggering (New in 1.1)

Normally, SocBook only works on article content. this option allows the plugin to run on other components (e.g. com_somecomponent). Note that the component must still fire the events needed to invoke the plugin. If the events aren't generated, there is no way the plugin can be called.

Widget Location

SocBook offers several options for placing the widgets relative to the article. The precise location of the widgets depends on the template, so you may need to try different alternatives before you get the best results.

Inline Tag (new in 1.1)

Even with a range of events and placement options, sometimes it's just not possible to get the output exactly where you want it. Version 1.1 helps with this by introducing an inline tag. Just put the {socbook} tag where you want your bookmarks. This parameter lets you change the tag to another value to avoid conflicts or suit your preferences.

Note that the inline tag ignores section, category, and article filters. If you use the tag, a widget will always be generated. To avoid duplicates, either remove the tag from the article, or add the article to the exclusion list.

Language Code

SocBook supports widgets in multiple languages. Simply enter the two-letter language code here.

CSS for All Widgets

All SocBook output is wrapped in a HTML div tag with the CSS class "socbook" If you want custom CSS, add it here and it will go into the class definition.

AddThis Configuration

Abivia SocBook Options for AddThis

SocBook supports all the options provided by the version 1.5 API. Support for version 2.0 is planned.

Use AddThis

This option enables or disables the AddThis widget.

AddThis Account

This is an optional account ID provided by AddThis. Use your account ID to enable analytics.

Button Size and Style

This lets you select from the buttons provided AddThis, or to use your own button. Some combinations of these options are not available; check the tool tips for details.

Custom Button Image

You can also choose to use no image, or to provide your own image. If you choose to use your own, enter the path to it here.

Button Language (New in 1.1)

Users reported that AddThis supports more languages than language-specific buttons. If this is the case on your site, you can get a button in another lanuage by putting thelanguage code in this field.

Widget Text

This text appears after the button if there is one, or stand-alone if there is no image.

Branding Text and Header Colours

This text will appear in the header of the pop-up window. AddThis recommends keeping this to 15 characters or less. The colour codes determine the header background and foreground colours. Enter a hex code, with or without the leading #.

Bookmark Services

This parameter lets you configure the services that will be displayed in the pop-up window. If you leave this blank, a default list will be generated. Hover over the label for a current list of available services.

Pop-Up Offsets

These parameters let you move the location of the pop-up window relative to the button. These parameters are useful when you are using a custom button image.

Hover Delay

This determines the number of milliseconds between the time the mouse hovers over the button/text and the time the pop-up appears.

CSS for AddThis

Supply any AddThis specific CSS here. This will cause the definition of a rule for the CSS class "socbook-addthis".

LinkedIn Configuration (New in 1.1)

Abivia SocBook Options for LinkedInLinkedIn has only a few options.

Use LinkedIn

Enables or disables the generation of the LinkedIn widget.

Counter Style

Controls if, and where, a counter of the number of recommendations should be shown. LinkedIn only provides two position options.

CSS for LinkedIn

Supply any LinkedIn specific CSS here. This will cause the definition of a rule for the CSS class "socbook-linkedin".

Configuration for Other Services

Abivia SocBook parameters for other servicesOther services can be added by pasting the button code into the boxes provided.

Debugging Configuration (New in 1.1)

Abivia SocBook debugging parametersWhen debugging is set on, the plugin writes information on how it is working into HTML comments in the page. This is primarily for the purpose of making it easier to diagnose a problem when offering support.