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Tired of "garbage" users in your Joomla site? User Killer is for you.

User Killer is an essential plugin for Joomla systems administrators. Most Joomla sites are plagued with "phantom registrations". Phantom registrations are created by automated scripts that create user accounts in hopes of gaining access to comments and forums where they can deposit their spam links. Most of these bots are thwarted by the requirement to confirm registration via an e-mail link, but the unverified accounts remain on the system, clogging user tables and making system administration more difficult. Some bots will even activate a mailed link, but then never log in. User Killer removes these unwanted registrations.

User Killer removes users who:

  • Register but don't verify within a given period of time. The default is seven days but this can be adjusted (or even disabled). Note: if you disable a user, they have the same state as a user who has not verified, so they may be deleted.
  • Verify but don't log in within a specific time period. The default is 60 days but this can be easily changed.

Have a busy site? User Killer won't bog your system down. The plugin only does significant work once every 24 hours (this interval is also configurable). If your system has a large number of users to clean out, User killer will remove them in small groups, so your server isn't overloaded by a massive clean up.

User Killer removes users cleanly by using the Joomla core functions. This causes user delete events to fire, which will clean up users in (well-written) extensions that require extended user information (access control, forums, social networking, etc.).

User Killer requires PHP 5.2 or higher. Download here.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.0

  • Introduced a kill limiter. Defaults to killing at most 100 users per run. If any users are killed, the next run is scheduled after a shorter interval. The limit and short interval are both configurable (default 100 users, every 5 minutes). This prevents long transactions when UserKill is first installed on sites with a large number of garbage users.
  • Added a debug feature. If debugging is set to "Admin Only", the plugin only works on back-end requests, and messages are displayed detailing what the plugin is doing. If debugging is set to "Admin and Front end" then messages are displayed on all requests; this setting can result in the display of confidential information and is not recommended for a production site.

Version 1.0.2

  • First public release