Recently, one of the largest and best known domain registrars has been accused of domain "front-running". This practise involves "reserving" domains that you search for on their site to "protect" you from... honestly we're not sure what they think you're being protected from.

What these companies are doing is "temporarily" registering every domain you search for. They offer up some line about how this protects you from someone else suddenly registering the domains you're searching. That's a pretty stupid argument. Unless that someone is looking over your shoulder, or unless their systems have gaping security holes that broadcast your searches, there's very little chance that anyone knows what domains you're looking for other than them.

The real problem with this practise is that the company who is doing it is significantly overpriced. If a user happens to discover that they can register the same domain with Abivia hosting for a third of the price, they will also find that every domain they searched for on the overpriced site is not available from us. But if they go back to the expensive registrar, their domain is still available. Go Figure.

We can certainly see how this "service" protects them from losing business to more competitive registrars, but nobody else is quite sure how it protects you.

For the record, Abivia doesn't engage in front-running and we never will. If our upstream supplier ever tries something like this, we'll dump their registration service in an instant. We consider the practise unethical, anti-competitive, and probably illegal. It's truly sad that one of the biggest companies in this market repeatedly fails in these areas.

So feel free to look for your new domain with us. We hope you'll find one and register it here. But if you find a better price and better service with another company that you trust, register it there. We won't try to lock it up. That's a promise.