For many, your first web site has a very simple goal. You've registered a domain and you need to get rid of the default under construction / advertising page.

Your first site might contain very little: your business name, some contact information, a short description of what you do, and if you have a retail location, a map. Many of our clients are surprised when we create these sites in Joomla and a stock template. This article explains why we do.

What's the Purpose of your Site?

If you're just looking for an “online business card”, and that's all your site is ever going to aim for, then it's true you don't need Joomla. For most businesses, having nothing more than a site like this is hardly worth the effort. This kind of site isn't a tool for getting new customers, it's a way for people who know you you are to confirm your address or phone number.

Most of our clients want a site that works as a tool for sales and marketing. While the very first version may only contain the most basic information, it's the beginning of a larger effort. A really good web site is an ongoing project with content that changes as your business evolves.

Joomla is Just as Easy

The alternatives to Joomla are custom coding some static HTML or using some kind site generator.

A custom page, no matter how small, needs to be hand coded. Someone has to pick colours and put them into CSS. Even though it's not complex work, it requires careful attention to detail.

Using a generation tool simplifies this. The site builder keys in the relevant information, positions and formats it, and generates a set of files that can be uploaded to the server. That's not a lot of work.

Using Joomla, the site builder needs to select a suitable template, select a set of styles that match the site,and key in the relevant information. That's a little to no extra work over what's needed by a site generation tool.

Joomla Content is Reusable

With that first static site, all the information on the site has to be re-entered for the first production launch. With Abivia's approach, the information is all in the Joomla database, so all that's required is replacing the template with your final design. You also get a lot more functionality right out of the box, including contact forms that let visitors communicate with you immediately, protection of mail addresses from spam harvesters, and more.

Joomla is Professional

With a site building tool, you either need to invest significant design effort or choose from an existing template. Templates are a better choice because they can lend a truly professional look to your site. Joomla offers a similar benefit. Abivia has an extensive selection of templates that give your site a custom-designed feel without a lot of design investment.

Joomla is Better

One of the main reasons to launch a business card site is to get relevant information up so it can be indexed by search engines. The structure of the HTML on your site plays a major role in how well the search engines index your site. If you use a non-Joomla approach, then the person building the page needs to be aware of search engine friendly techniques and to make competent use of them. Meanwhile, most Joomla templates are already coded to optimize search engine results.

Joomla lets you maximize your search results without making any additional effort.


Even though it seems like more effort, launching your site in Joomla is frequently easier, more effective, and less time consuming that putting up a simple pre-launch site. Abivia can help you get a basic web presence up very quickly, while working to build you a site that will meet your business objectives both today and in the future. Why waste effort doing anything else?